I often think about how car accidents could be avoided.  The problem is that cars are mostly made of metal, which is really hard.  When one of these metal cars hits another, it’s never a pretty thing.  And the noise!  It does sound awful.

So, what if cars were made of butter?  People would be less likely to get injured.  And if there was damage, you could just scrape things back into place with a knife, or if this wasn’t handy, a credit card.

There is, of course, always a snag.  Things would get complicated in summer, because these butter vehicles would melt in the sun.  And attaching a fridge to your car isn’t an option for everyone.

The only answer I feel is to make them from down pillows.  Car accidents would be pillow fights.  What fun.

But really, I take pictures.  They’re here: http://www.wolfmarloh.com
Sometimes, I tweet:
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